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Experience Your Personal Power and Create a Life You Love, Starting Today!

Do you feel stuck in an unhealthy rut

and lack the motivation to make real change?

We all deserve to live a life full of Creative Vitality: a state of being the predominant creative

force in your life, a feeling of being alive, healthy, and capable.
Most people don’t live life in this state, most give their power away to external factors
and ignore their own inner wisdom. Causing energetic imbalances and conditions such as:

                    • Anger and Frustration;
                    • Confusion and Overwhelm;
                    • Chronic Health Issues;
                    • Depression and/or Anxiety.

If you suffer from any of these symptoms, energy transformation is for you!

Transform your health and vitality by shifting your energy to a new frequency, one that is
a vibrational match for what your heart truly desires. Learn how to release and recode
toxic emotions and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck by cultivating a connection
with your own inner power and personal guidance system. Allowing you to create that
2.0 version of a life you love to live fully everyday!

Energy Transformation Options

Spiritualism, Awakening


Your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states of being can heal if given the chance to do so. Energy transformation utilizes simple, subtle techniques that have been proven to restore health and vitality. Work 1:1 with a coach and guide to help shift outdated programming by cultivating intuitive aligned action that serves your highest good. Bringing clarity, focus, and your personal power to a whole new frequency.


Are you ready to create your own map, using your own compass? Most people put more thought into their weekly grocery list than they do for their life. If you are ready to make yourself a priority and truly BE that 2.0 version of you that you have always dreamed of, then this Magnetic Life Map productivity planner is for you. Commit to living a life you love – one of your choosing and creation?


Prefer learning in a group setting? Or maybe you’re looking for a community to support your spiritual journey. The Creatorsphere is an online educational portal and community dedicated to guiding and mentoring like-minded creators to the next level of life master. You will have access to experienced and certified, heart-centered coaches with a focus on Personal Development,Energy Healing, and Structural Life Design.

To Live a Life You Truly Love, You Must First Create a Map of True Choices that Will Inspire and Guide You.

Michele Hargreaves

I AM Michele

A Crystal Reiki Master, Health and Vitality Coach, Intuitive Guide and Healer Certified with Conscious Education

Creative Vitality is a company that helps you live a life you love. We offer energy transformation programs that combine energy healing, human development, and structural design. Our mission is to help you become the predominant creative force in your life and feel alive, healthy, and capable. With Creative Vitality, you can start creating your own map with your own compass today!

Inspire, Empower, and Guide

Resources to Support You

Here are some resources that can start creating that 2.0 version of life you love, starting today!

To truly manifest your BIG Life Vision you must
first, create a Map of True Choices that
Will Inspire and Guide You.
Say YES to this FREE PDF and
Start Creating yours today!

Learn from one of my own mentors. Magnetic Mind Method creator Christopher M. Duncan.

If you want to create a life you love, transform your reality, and manifest miracles with ease, this book is for you.

Essential oils are powerful plant extracts that can be used to promote well-being—just as they did centuries ago. Ancient people believed that the earth gave them everything they needed to solve all of their problems.

Life-Force Vitality

I am very grateful and excited to be able to have Michele as my coach. Each session my mind is blown by the new things I learn about the actions and beliefs I hold. I love being able to get rid of those old mindsets that seem to creep back in so easily. I think the best part of having her as my coach is that she holds me accountable to follow through on the things I say I'm going to... creating so much more in my life than I ever thought possible.
human, young people, face-2136095.jpg
I was in a funky place feeling depleted and heavy. I had a session with Michele and I'm so grateful I did! She helped me shift into a place of peace, hope and inspiration. I feel lighter and brighter and more at peace. She taught me some great tools to help with thought patterns that aren't serving me and they're helping big time! So much gratitude for this beautiful soul! She is truly gifted, magical soul!
ostrich feather, feather, strauss-1457994.jpg
I had a crystal reading done by the amazing, professional Michele, she is so incredibly talented and brought out so many emotions and taught me so much about myself. I would highly recommend!!!! 💜💙💜❤️
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To manifest a BIG Life Vision, you must become a magnet for a life you truly want. Creating from a place where tomorrow and today feel the same, a place where you are satisfied with life as it is and are open to receiving more of your hearts desire.

No need to “fix” yourself first.

Ready To Transform Your Life?