Become a Conscious Creator and Magnetically Attract a Life You LOVE to Live!

Most of the Personal Development world has created the idea that you are broken… it is focused on “fixing” people. When the truth is that there is nothing wrong with you. The key to lasting transformational change is to let go of the past and focus your whole self on your true desires purely because you want to.

The amazing TRUTH is, it is possible to Remove Toxic Emotions and Limiting Beliefs. You can create anything you want as long as you know the basic principles of how the universe works.

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Vitality Life Coaching & Energy Healing


Your Own Unique System through many different programs offered: Crystal Reiki Healing; Life Vitality Coaching; Oracle Card Readings; Space Cleanse.


Lasting results with personalized programs designed so that you can Love your L.I.F.E by Living it Fully Everyday knowing that each part of the journey is yours.


A growth mindset by believing that change is possible. Sign up for one of my services or upcoming events. The hardest part is choosing to make yourself a priority.


Old programming that is holding you back from your best life. While promoting maximum relaxation with Crystal Reiki Healing, and other Stress Relieving Techniques.


A deep understanding of the right System, Support, and Accountability for you. Drawing out your natural healing Life-Force energy.


A new way to live by integrating new actions of beliefs and behaviours that match your true desires.

What is Crystal Reiki Energy Healing?

Crystal Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is a Japanese technique that was rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui, in the early 1900’s. Reiki energy promotes natural healing and is also effective for stress reduction and relaxation. This unseen Universal Life Force Energy is channelled and administered by placing the practitioner’s hands on or above key chakra locations on the body. It has been observed that if our Life Force Energy is imbalanced, we are more likely to develop negative symptoms or illnesses, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy, healthy, and in a good life flow.

Reiki treatments flow through the whole person promoting healing to where it is needed the most for your mind, body, and spirit creating many positive benefits that includes relaxation and an increased sense of wellbeing. It is noninvasive and can work in harmony with other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote accelerated recovery. This energy is amplified to assist in chakra balancing by adding the power of crystal energy to each session. 

Crystal healing dates back to ancient days. Crystals and Gems each have unique frequencies that have a sympathetic resonance with our energetic systems. When used correctly crystals can be a conduit for tapping into additional energies provided by the Earth and/or Space.

Creative Vitality offers a number of Reiki options, including Reiki 1st Degree Course, Reiki 2nd Degree Course, Crystal Reiki, and Mobile Reiki for its Calgary and remote clients.

What my clients say

Michele demonstrated leadership skills early on in her training and when she graduated with her Diploma; she took her skills to a new level.

Linda O’DonoghueBow Valley College Faculty

By taking the established fundamentals of child care and infusing elements of flexibility and innovation, she is able to offer an exceptional environment designed to enhance the development of each individual child and family.

Crave CalgaryThe Urban Girl’s Manifesto

Thank you for being such a great guide and supporter. You make life seem easier! Thank you for giving me the opportunities to get ahead and learn something new!

Angela S.

Michele, is a wise, and beautiful person. Through her years of deep exploration, of self, and of the world, she has borne the ability to change lives. Mine being one of them.

There was a time I felt lost, Michele helped find me. There was a time I felt powerless, Michele empowered me.

With soft tone, and gentle touch, Michele moved the power of spirit through me, Helping uncover, what most of us can’t see. Her intuitive mind can bring you to your truth. And her ability to heal the spirit, will free you from your falsehoods.

The universe has truly blessed us with her presence. So I say, if you feel lost, blocked, or stagnant in life, or perhaps you feel a calling to something more, reach out to her, she will guide you from there.

DarrellReiki Student