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Changing Old Habits

Tonight I was going to go catch up on this weeks episode of Riverdale and I took my computer and my laptop to the couch like always…. Telling myself that I could control myself to just watch the one episode (I am currently focusing on giving up Netflix and for some reason Riverdale seemed to […]

It is almost time to launch

This has been a very long process learning how to create a website. It is well worth it though… Never in a million years did I think that I would be creating my own website! And its not just the website… This program that is developing is so exciting as well 🙂 It is crunch […]

Here is to learning how to build a website!

I have been given the challenge of building my own website. Wow!! who knew I would even be attempting this. But here I go… I have successfully managed to download the template, install it and now am in the process of clicking buttons to see how it changes the template!! And so became my first […]