Hi! My name is Michele


I am a Calgary-based Reiki Master and Life Vitality Coach specializing in Crystal Energy. I believe that we all deserve to live a life full of Vitality: which is a state of being healthy, capable, energetic, with the overall feeling of aliveness. I find that many of the people I meet don’t see themselves having all of these things. Many are stuck in repeat patterns physically and emotionally, lacking the energy or motivation to accomplish more than just the basics in life. Continuing with actions and priorities that do not serve their highest purpose.

My own journey began in my early 20’s when I became pregnant with my first child. Helping a small human grow, sparked an eagerness towards cultivating a better understanding of human developmental needs. I began to explore and create better ways of nourishing my mind, body and spirit. The first most important lesson I learned was that I had to be operating at my very best to be able to help anyone else to grow to their very best as well.

Fast Forward 15 years and my love for learning how to live my best life has not stopped. I combined my backgrounds in early childhood development, reiki, health coaching, crystal resonance, and energy healing to create my own unique Life Vitality programs. I work with my clients, guiding and empowering them to change their perception towards the thoughts and beliefs they have behind the actions they take, promoting a positive increase to their own Life-Force Vitality. 

I am so excited to share the potential of energy healing and stress relief techniques that will encourage more vitality into your life! We are all made of energy. Every living cell in our body vibrates with it. This energy is what makes us alive and vibrant. I invite you to book a Life Vitality Discovery call. This Discovery Call is for anyone who is ready to start taking action towards energetic change now!