The BIG Life Vision Creator is a unique guide that can help you take back control of your life and help you explore core choices required for creating a life you love. The guided meditation, the Unseen Picture, will help you connect with your innermost self and discover what your heart truly wants. From there, the Bucket List Creator will help you generate a list of things that you really want to experience in your lifetime.

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This is an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to create choices that align with the deepest desires and attract a life you truly love. So don’t wait any longer – Discover your own personal power and true choices with this FREE guide and start living the life you can create today!

  • Explore Core 4 Choices to becoming a magnet for a life you truly want by learning these basic life principles.

  • Discover your own Personal Power and True Choices with The Unseen Picture Guided Meditation.

  • The Bucket List Creator will help you generate a list of things that your heart truly wants to experience. Allowing for inspired aligned action to follow.


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We all deserve to live a life full of Creative Vitality: a state of being the predominant creative force in your life, a feeling of being alive, healthy, and capable. Jumpstart your vitality by shifting your mindset and energies to a higher frequency.


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