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Energy transformation utilizes simple, subtle techniques that help bring clarity, focus and intuitive action to your life. Your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states of being can heal if given the chance to do so; crystal reiki, magnetic method coaching and transformational meditations have been proven to restore health and vitality. Release toxic emotions and limiting beliefs, and shift outdated programming and perspectives to new frequencies that shift your personal power to a whole new level.

Are you curious how Energy Transformation
can change your life?
Are you ready to increase your creative life force vitality, and gain clarity on your future reality?

Crystal Reiki

Crystal Reiki is a holistic and natural ancient healing technique. Channelling and transmitting energy through the hands and crystals, held gently on or above the energy centres in the body. The intent of each session is to uncover and clear any physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual blocks to increase your Creative Vitality.

Reiki treatments flow through a person’s subtle energy systems, Creating many positive benefits including a feeling of deep relaxation and an increased sense of wellbeing. This energy is amplified to assist in chakra balancing by adding the power of crystal energy to each session.

Crystal healing dates back to ancient days. Crystals and Gems each have unique frequencies that have a sympathetic resonance with our energetic systems. When used correctly crystals can be a conduit for tapping into additional energies provided by the Earth and/or Space.

The Vitality Jumpstart is a great way of exploring what your unique system needs to start living a life you love today!

Vitality Jumpstart


Crystal reiki, magnetic method coaching, and transformational meditations have been shown to have a powerful, positive impact on restoring health, vitality, and productivity. Over 3-90 minute private sessions you will connect and explore your own personal power.

Session 1:
Get a setpoint for where you are today. Learn the education of the creative process and start to create your own unique Magnetic Life Map with a Crystal Card reading. This session will be anchored with a transformational meditation.

Session 2:
Release and ReCode any resistance that comes to the surface as we continue to explore your true end results. This can be through crystal reiki, magnetic coaching, transformational meditation, or a mix of them all. Each session is unique to your current need.

Session 3: Continue to cultivate
a deep understanding of your own personal power through energy transformation. Increasing your Creative Life Force Vitality, shift your personal power to a whole new level.

Vitality for LIFE!

Creating the right Structure, Support, and Intuitive Actions needed to bring your true desire into reality in an important step in.

I have a robust toolbox of experience and knowledge to offer my clients that are ready to take back control of their life!

Cultivate a deep understanding of your personal power with a coach to help guide you along the way..


Rapid Transformation…

The magic of creation can be very real when all levels of your consciousness know your wishes and are able to work in harmony to create them.


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Clients Reviews

I had a crystal reading done by the amazing, professional Michele, she is so incredibly talented and brought out so many emotions and taught me so much about myself. I would highly recommend!!!! 💜💙💜❤️
Thank you for being such a great guide and supporter. You make life seem easier! Thank you for giving me the opportunities to get ahead and learn something new!
Angela S.
By taking the established fundamentals of child care and infusing elements of flexibility and innovation, she is able to offer an exceptional environment designed to enhance the development of each individual child and family.
Crave Calgary
The Urban Girl’s Manifesto

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