Are you ready to awaken your potential and take control of your future? Do you lack motivation to get started? If you’re feeling stuck in a rut, it’s time for a change. The Magnetic Life Map is here to help you break through your limits and create a life you love.

This powerful tool uses a creative process to help you attract what you desire into your life. By aligning your thoughts, emotions, and actions with your intention, you can begin to manifests your dreams into reality. The Magnetic Life Map is designed to help you raise your frequency and become the predominant creative force in your life.

Magnetic Life Map

Magnetic Life Map

$ 333 Monthly
  • FREE Magnetic Life Map PDF
  • 1:1 Discovery Session
  • Access to Private Group
  • Weekly Live Group Session
  • Access to Replay Vault
  • FREE Life Map Updates



Here’s what others say..

"I am very grateful and excited to be able to have Michele as my coach. Each session my mind is blown by the new things I learn about the actions and beliefs I hold. I love being able to get rid of those old mindsets that seem to creep back in so easily. I think the best part of having her as my coach is that she holds me accountable to follow through on the things I say I'm going to... creating so much more in my life than I ever thought possible."

"I was in a funky place feeling depleted and heavy. I had a session with Michele and I'm so grateful I did! She helped me shift into a place of peace, hope and inspiration. I feel lighter and brighter and more at peace. She taught me some great tools to help with thought patterns that aren't serving me and they're helping big time! So much gratitude for this beautiful soul! She is truly gifted, magical soul!"

"Thank you for being such a great guide and supporter. You make life seem easier! Thank you for giving me the opportunities to get ahead and learn something new!"



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